When do you need to reset MicroBot Hub?

  • A MicroBot Hub M can only be linked to a single MicroBot Cloud. If you wish to use your MicroBot Hub on a device that is authenticated on another Cloud, you need to reset it before adding it on the other device.

  • As part of troubleshooting steps, it may be requested, at some point, to reset your MicroBot Hub M. Please note that resetting is a last resort. When you encounter some issues while using MicroBot Hub M, a reboot normally fixes most problems. Before resetting your Hub, please contact our Support Team here.

To unpair MicroBot Hub M, you will need to remove it from the MicroBot app

There may be times that you accidentally added multiple hubs by installing the MicroBot app multiple times. It is best to remove any Hubs that are not in use.

  • Tap on the icon on the left of the navigation menu

  • Remove from the list the Hub you want to unpair.

To reset the MicroBot Hub M you need to unpair it from the app first (see the steps of unpairing the Hub above)

After un-pairing the Hub, follow these steps to reset it. There are 2 methods:

Factory reset with touch button

  • Plugin your MicroBot Hub M to the power supply.

  • When the LED starts blinking red, keep pressing the touch button until it blinks red rapidly. Then, wait until the LED blinks blue.

Factory reset from Hardware

  • Use a pin and push the hole at the bottom of the Hub M to do a factory reset of the scanner. Press Hub's reset button for about 5 seconds, then plug in it while maintaining the reset button pressed, and wait for 5 seconds. Then, release the reset button, check that the LED is blinking in red, and wait 10-15 minutes until your MicroBot Hub M is back in AP mode (LED blinks red and blue).

LED blinking Blue - BLE Advertising: ready to be paired

Note: During the reset process, your Hub's LED status will change successively: the LED will first blink red for about 10-15 minutes (reset), then will be blinking blue (booting), and then will flash red and blue (AP mode).

WARNING! DO NOT UNPLUG your Hub M during the reset process as it may permanently damage the device. However, if the LED blinks red or blinks blue for more than 30 minutes, please unplug and plug in the Hub again as it may be stuck during the reset process.

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