The MicroBot Push app was created specifically for the MicroBot Push Generation 1, which shipped around 2016 and 2017 and most often features a plastic arm.  
The MicroBot Push Generation 1 can only operate using the Legacy MicroBot Push App found here:

If you have the MicroBot Push Generation 1, please only use the MicroBot Push app. Should you try to connect to the newer MicroBot app, this will attempt a firmware upgrade, which is not currently possible, and render the MicroBot unusable. You will not be able to undo this and will no longer be able to connect to the MicroBot Push app.

The MicroBot Push app was first developed for the MicroBot Push and communicated directly through Bluetooth.  We added the Prota Space App to allow for remote control of your MicroBot Push via WiFi using a Prota Hub or Raspberry Pie.  Since then, we have moved to a cloud platform all under one app, MicroBot. The main difference is how we handle communication between the devices.  The legacy MicroBot push app can only operate the MicroBot Push.  It does not work with Alert and Hub M.  

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