There may be times when you need your MicroBot Push to activate repeatedly at different time intervals (e.g. you have equipment that requires you to push a button to keep it running)

You are able to set your Microbot Push to press repeatedly by following these steps below.

The repeat feature is available for all Generation 2+ Microbot Push units.  Prior Generations do not have the ability to update firmware to add improved features  such as Push Repeat.

  1.  Ensure that you are using the latest MicroBot app (iOS or Android) and NOT the MicroBot Push app.

  2. Check that all firmware is updated. (How to update your Microbot firmware) 

  3. Select the right side menu to find this screen below and then use the toggle button to Enable Push Repeat.

  4. Set your required repeat interval, for example, every 30 seconds.

  5. Then select either Unlimited repeats or Set to repeat a certain number of times.

  6. Finally, press the Set button to apply the changes.

Pressing the Push button on the app will activate the Repeat series.

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