Microbots use Bluetooth to communicate with the Microbot app on your smart phone or tablet. The Microbot app "discovers" a Microbot (Push, Alert, Hub, etc) and establishes a connection to it using the Bluetooth signal. Once a Bluetooth connection is made between your Microbot and mobile device, Microbot then uses the mobile device to communicate to the app.

Your Microbot can be discovered by your smartphone or tablet within Bluetooth range. To always have the best connection when your Microbot and device are within range of each other:

  • Bluetooth must always be enabled on your phone or tablet

  • The Microbot app must always be open and running (foreground or background)

  • Location services setting should be set to "Always" for users running iOS.  Location Permissions should be toggled "On" for users running Android

If any of these 3 things above are not true, your Microbot, app, and device are not communicating with each other.

There are currently three Microbot devices:

  1. Microbot Push - the wireless button pusher that turns dumb appliances into smart devices

  2. Microbot Alert - a tiny smart sensor that can monitor various atmospheric variables including temperature, moisture, air pressure, light intensity, noise level, CO2 level, organic chemicals (VOCs), and movements.

  3. Microbot Hub - the companion hub (Coming soon).

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