Follow these instructions to reset your MicroBot Alert:

  1. Plug in your micro USB cable charger

2. Plug your micro USB cable into Alert.  When the LED starts blinking RED, press the button on top and hold for about 5 seconds.

3. When the light blinks BLUE, you have successfully reset your MicroBot Alert.  If it does not blink blue, repeat previous step.

4. Now try re-pairing your MicroBot Alert!

IMPORTANT: After you reset your MicroBot, if you see any MicroBots that show "Offline" in the left-bar menu of your app, that means the app (MicroBot Cloud) still thinks your MicroBot is paired but the physical MicroBot is reset and ready to pair.  Follow these instructions to unpair any "Offline" MicroBots using the MicroBot app.

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