Sometimes you might come across a situation when you cannot detect your MicroBot Alert when you try to pair it on the MicroBot App.

1. Make sure your smartphone supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE or Bluetooth 4.0).
To check, you can download a dedicated app such as BLE Checker in the Play Store.

2. Your MicroBot must not be already paired with another email account (Cloud)
Your MicroBot Alert’s LED must blink blue in order for your MicroBot to be scanned and paired. If it doesn't blink blue, please unpair and pair it with your new device.

Note: If you use several devices registered on the same MicroBot Cloud, you do not need to pair your MicroBot Alert with each device. Pair it with only one device and your MicroBot will show up automatically on the other devices.

3. Confirm your MicroBots aren't already in the list
Even if you reset your MicroBot Alert, it may not be ready to be paired with another device because it was not deleted from the MicroBot Alert app. To delete it, please see Unpair MicroBot Alert.

4. Make sure MicroBot Alert app is up-to-date.

5. Make sure 'Location' settings of your phone is turned on.

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