It is necessary to add a Hub in order to monitor MicroBot Alert remotely (outside of the Bluetooth range). This Hub acts as a bridge between your MicroBots and MicroBot Cloud.

An additional iOS or Android smartphone or tablet (namely Soft Hub) or a MicroBot Hub (purchased separately) can be used as a Hub.

1. Remote control using MicroBot Hub

MicroBot Hub is the companion hub of the MicroBots that connects the MicroBots to MicroBot Cloud. MicroBot Alert can be controlled remotely anytime via 3G/4G/WiFi when it is connected to a MicroBot Hub.


  • You need a MicroBot Hub and a smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) with MicroBot Alert app installed and the device authenticated.

  • Your MicroBot Hub must always be connected to the WiFi network and within Bluetooth range of your MicroBot. If it is offline or if it is out of range, the connection with MicroBot Alert will be lost and remote control will not be possible.

Add a Hub. Power your MicroBot Hub and follow the instructions to set it up. 

Monitor your MicroBot remotely. Place your MicroBot Hub within the Bluetooth range from your MicroBot and view your MicroBot Alert’s dashboard.

2. Remote control using Soft Hub

When a smartphone or tablet is used as a Hub, the remote control is achieved as follows: your MicroBot Alert is connected to one smartphone or tablet (Device B) via Bluetooth that will act as a hub and you monitor and control your MicroBot remotely using another device (Device A) from anywhere via 3G/4G/WiFi.


  • You need two devices; a smartphone and/or tablet (Android or iOS).

  • Make sure that you’ve downloaded MicroBot Alert app and authorized both devices using the same email address in order to register both of them in the same MicroBot Cloud.

  • The device that will stay close to MicroBot Alert must not be powered off, otherwise, the connection with MicroBot Alert will be lost. However, the connection is maintained even if the device is in ‘Locked screen’ mode.

Authorize a second device (Soft Hub). Download MicroBot Alert app on your new device and authorize it using the same email address as your first device. 

Once the authorization process is completed, verify that all your MicroBots appear in the left side menu of the newly authorized device.

Note: Make sure you use the same email address to register all your devices to the same MicroBot Cloud, otherwise, you won't be able to control your MicroBots using all these devices. The number of devices you can authorize per email account may depend on your subscription plan.

Control your MicroBot remotely. Place your Soft Hub close to your MicroBot (within the Bluetooth range).  Use your second device (smartphone or tablet) to view your MicroBot Alert’s dashboard!

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