Charging MicroBot Alert. MicroBot Alert uses a Micro USB charger (included). It takes around 2 hours to fully charge.

Checking the battery level. The battery level can be seen on your MicroBot Alert's dashboard.

Battery life between charges.  First, keep in mind:

  • The sound sensor uses the most energy followed by the air quality (CO2 & TVOC) sensor.  For this reason, these sensors are disabled upon first pairing.

  • The more frequently you require the MicroBot to communicate (i.e. the measure interval in seconds), the faster the batteries will run out.

Use the performance bar under settings or manually change the measure Interval seconds to extend the battery life.  
The following are estimates for the length of battery life in each performance setting: 

  • Extremely low power : about 1 month

  • Low power: about 12 days

  • Normal: about 6 days

  • High performance: about 1 day 12 hours

  • Real time: same as high

If you turn off the Sound and Air Quality sensor and set the performance to extremely low power, the battery of Alert can last up to 2 years and 4 months

We offer an Extended Battery Pack (optional) that uses 4 AAA batteries to extend the battery life. The extended battery pack is not re-chargeable. The estimated battery life of MicroBot Alert WITH the Extended Battery Pack under each Performance setting is:

  • Extremely low power: about 2 years

  • Low Power: about 8 month

  • Normal: about 4 months

  • High performance: about 1 month

  • Real time: same as high

If your MicroBot does not last this long it is likely due to the quality of the AAA batteries or the environment (eg. extremely cold).

See additional instructions under settings below the Air Quality and Timer for tips to extend battery life between charging.

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