A webhook is an HTTP request hook that triggers some specific event or action. Prota can deal with two types of webhooks: incoming hooks and outgoing hooks.

An incoming hook is an HTTP request sent by another app or web service and received by Prota. This incoming hook is interpreted as a sensor in the storyline: when Prota receives it, the action of a storyline is triggered.

Ex. "When Incoming hook A is received, MicroBot Push calls the elevator."

To create an incoming webhook, please follow these steps:

1. Install Webhook app

2. Click on 'add webhook'

3. Set a name and a description of your webhook

4. Click on 'confirm'. Done!

To manage webhooks (add/delete), use the + or - buttons at the top.

Now that your incoming hook is created, you need to create the dedicated storyline in order to enable Prota to recognize it and trigger an action.

To create the related storyline, please follow these steps:

1. In Stories app, create a new story and select 'Webhook' as the sensor.

2. Choose the incoming webhook.

3. Select the event 'receive an incoming hook'. Save.

4. Create your actor-story: select your actor, the related action and save the story. Done!

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