Prota may not have allocated an IP. Please check the settings page of your wireless router to check if an IP has been allocated to Prota. For accessing settings of your wireless router, please check the homepage or community page of the manufacturer. If Prota properly allocated an IP, Prota can be accessed by its address. If it still does not work, please check out the next step.

Security in your company or organization may hinder access to Prota. Please check with your network security manager if you are allowed to connect Prota.

You may not be able to connect your Prota Pi due to WiFi specifications:

1. Prota does not support 5GHz

2. The WiFi network must have a password and support WPA2/AES)

3. The WiFi's SSID must not contain any uni-code nor special characters including +, &, #, @, ; etc.)

4. Your network must ask for ID/password

5. The network must have the internet access

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