A webhook is an HTTP request hook that triggers some specific event or action. Prota can deal with two types of webhooks: incoming hooks and outgoing hooks.

An outgoing hook is an HTTP request that Prota posts to another app or web service when specific conditions are met (sensor). An outgoing hook is therefore interpreted as an action in the storyline.

Ex. "When an email is received, Prota posts an HTTP request to Zendesk."

To create the related storyline, please follow these steps:

1. In Stories app, create a new story

2. Create your sensor-story: choose a sensor, the corresponding event and save.

3. Select 'Webhook' as the actor

4. Choose the desired action: POST

5. Set the instructions: URL address, Request Header...

Refer to your device's or web service's API documentation to get your URL and all information you need to set the instructions.

6. Save the story. Done!

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