MicroBot Hub can sometimes appear as "Offline" or seem unresponsive. There are a few reasons why this can happen. Please follow these steps:

1. Check whether the Internet connection is working and stable

2. Check whether the LED of your MicroBot Hub is green (hover over the top of the device).

If no color appears when hovering, please check your power supply. Learn more about MicroBot Hub 's LED status here: MicroBot Hub S' LED Status

3. Check the power supply:

- MicroBot Hub needs a stable 5V 2A power adapter in order to work properly, especially when updating. Please note that the adapter of smartphones are not stable enough for MicroBot Hub to work properly.

  • MicroBot Hub should not be plugged into a multi-socket adaptor. If there are many electric devices nearby your MicroBot Hub, a power issue could occur.

4. Simply refresh the procedure

Sometimes, MicroBot Hub may be stuck with a certain procedure. A simple rebooting will solve this issue.

If the problem persists, please contact our Support Team.

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