If your MicroBot Hub is blinking in red and blue, this means it's not connected to any WiFi network and is currently in AP mode.

When you first power on the device, it is normal to see this behavior. However, if you have configured MicroBot Hub's WiFi but it just keeps coming back to the AP mode, there is something wrong with the WiFi, so please check the followings.

1. The WiFi network has a password and supports WPA2/AES.

2. The wifi must be a 2.4 GHz wifi (not 5 GHz) in order to allow MicroBot Hub to connect to it.

3. The WiFi's SSID does not contain any uni-code (and no special characters including +, &, #, @, ; etc.).

4. Its wireless signal is strong enough.

5. The network has the Internet access.

6. MicroBot Hub is plugged in with a 5V 2A power supply.

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