There are several reasons which can explain why Microbot Push is stuck at upgrading:

1. When Microbot Push is connected to MicroBot Hub or Soft Hub (smartphone/tablet used as a hub)

During the update process, MicroBot Push downloads the new software patch via the internet connection of MicroBot Hub or Soft Hub (smartphone or tablet-turned-hub). Therefore, when MicroBot Hub or Soft Hub loses the internet connection, the update procedure cannot be continued. Please make sure that your MicroBot Hub or Soft Hub has a stable internet connection. You also have to secure the Bluetooth range between the hub and MicroBot Push during the update.

2. When your Microbot Push is paired with one smartphone only

To ensure a successful update process, please make sure your Microbot push is close to your smartphone (within the Bluetooth range).

If the issue persists, please contact our Support Team.

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