Adjust the height of your MicroBot using extra plates. Remove the plate filler, and clip as many plates you need.

Note: Make sure you install at least one extra plate to prevent blocking the charging port with the adhesive tape. When you need to charge it, simply slide out your MicroBot from the plate.

Fix your MicroBot. Paste the double-sided adhesive tape on the plate and place your MicroBot on your appliance.

Tip! If you need to fix your MicroBot Push on a curved surface, you can use a modulable glue like Sugru.

Calibrate your MicroBot
. View your MicroBot, tap on the 3 dots [...] at the top right corner to enter the detail mode and find ‘Calibration’. Slide left or right the calibration bar to adjust the % of press depth that will fit your situation. Done!

Note: Calibrating your MicroBot is important in order to ensure a stable and sustainable use.

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