If you happen to receive a defective unit, you need to reach out to MicroBot Support Team.

1. Please provide us a picture or, preferably, a video of the defective unit for us to look at. It will help us understand its state and also to pre-review its defectiveness. If the video file is too big to fit into the support request, we recommend you use a video sharing site, such as sendvid.com.

2. You have to send the defective unit to get a replacement. Depending on your region, our agents will let you know how, and where to send it.

3. Both sending and receiving shipping fees will be covered by MicroBot only within a 30 day-period from your purchase. After this 30 days warranty, you need to pay for both shipping fees.

If your product got damaged during the use, please contact our Support Team. We will check your unit's degree of damage and let you know how you can get the replacement.

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